Our Mission

Our Mission

UniCampusApartments was designed to suit student needs and simplify student life. We are aware that the period of university studies is fundamental to lay the foundations of one’s future and for this reason at UniCampusApartments we offer all the services necessary to live comfortably in a welcoming and joyful context; simplifying concentration on one’s studies and the path of autonomous growth in a new big family. UniCampusApartments was designed to provide safe and supportive living environment for students and foster a sense of community.


Our guests, even if they have single rooms and private spaces, can always feel part of a large, inclusive and respectful international community. To this end we provide our guests with common areas such as the gym where they can train and the Club House where they can play ping pong or table football, drink coffee, read a book and above all forge lasting friendships.


UniCampusApartments is committed to guarantee:



We are dedicated to providing students with the best UniCampusApartments experience, comfortable accommodation, common space and high quality supplementary services.



We do not want students and their families to worry about safety. For this reason UniCampusApartments offers guests a safe and secure environment, with both a receptionist and electronic security systems.



Students can find all information they need by contacting our staff and our reception on campus.



At UniCampusApartments we know that we can still improve a lot and for this reason we are always available to listen to any tips that can help us provide you with the services you need.



The environment is important! At UniCampusApartments we are committed to incorporating sustainability practices. You will find water filling stations and recycling bins (located in Common areas and in apartments).

As we are located only a few hundred meters from UniCamillus, we invite our guests to use the bicycles that we will provide in order to reach university.


Guest students can rely on the concierge for over eight hours a day, including for small maintenance issues in the rooms or common areas.


We are committed to provide high-quality hospitality and customer service. As we are continuously trying to improve our operations and guarantee customer satisfaction, please feel free to write to us about any concern, need and suggestion.